Poem: Jesus’ Death Changed the Game

Poetry about the Death of Jesus Christ by Angelittle | Angelita Chua Elloren

This holy week, remember Jesus’ death as it changed the game we play! His death made a huge impact on our lives. This poem is dedicated to commemorate that.

A woman of prayer is for keeps.

angelita chua

A woman of prayer is one who never gives up, she stays when time gets tough. She is full of hope, gracious, and is just like the holy Father.

To love is to be vulnerable

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Love is a challenge to make grace real, and a call to be like Jesus. Just like what CS Lewis said, “To love is to be vulnerable.”

The Lost Art of Handwritten Letters

vintage letter

Handwritten letters have become a lost art. It is time to revive the powerful craft that helped build the relationships of early Christians!