Reverse Poetry about the Gospel

Poetry about the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Angelittle | Angelita Chua Elloren

Reverse poetry about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top to understand the powerful message.

Poem: Jesus’ Death Changed the Game

Poetry about the Death of Jesus Christ by Angelittle | Angelita Chua Elloren

This holy week, remember Jesus’ death as it changed the game we play! His death made a huge impact on our lives. This poem is dedicated to commemorate that.

To the woman in bits and pieces.

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It’s okay to go through this in bits and pieces, to find light between cracks of brokenness. Your shattered heart doesn’t mean you’re not whole.Your bleeding doesn’t say God cannot heal it all. When the morning wakes and you still don’t have it altogether,know that you’re allowed to show up even while it hurts.And as […]