Of moving on and overcoming heartaches.

When she said “no”, she meant “no”. It was a decision she had to make not once, but each time the temptation to say “yes” again enters her mind. A period is a period. No hope for sequels. No waiting for the next episode. “The end” was the end.

She knew she was called to let go and hanging on wasn’t what her God told her so. Her little heart wants to honor the Lover of her soul, even if it meant scarlet wounds from the fall.

That guy kept asking for her hand but it took gallons of grace and strength to firmly make a stand. She knows her YES to GOD requires saying NO to little loves, little treasures, little gods.

“I want God more than anything,” a refrain she keeps on repeating. Her breakup will soon be her breakthrough. So she endures until she gets there, too.

“How can God write something on a paper filled with my own handwriting?” So she threw away her old sheets and pens in exchange for a book of blank chapters— to be written soon, but only God knows when.

There were nights of colder breeze and days of unease. “Hush, dear heart,” she whispers. She knows her heart will only find satisfaction in the One who made it — not in any other human’s little attempt to fill it.

One day at a time. One page to turn as the sun sets. She will move on from here to there. Her God walks with her from this heartbreaking episode to the next glorious chapter.

To every woman enduring a breakup — “If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.” (Psalm 34:18)

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