For worship leaders, worship band member, or worship team head, I’m glad you found this article because this one is for you. Did you have the same questions I had on Worship and Leading a worship team? Questions like “What are vocal techniques for worship leaders?”, “How do we recruit singers and musicians in the team?”, “What could be an effective system for a worship team?”, “When and how do we impose disciplinary action?”, “We want to record our own album, but how?”. All these were discussed during the Worship Leaders Masterclass by Malayang Pilipino Music.

I hope to share with you top 10 lessons I learned from the class (which I attended in Las Pinas all the way from Zamboanga!)

Top 5 Lessons from Worship Leaders Masterclass

Here are some of the lessons from the Worship Leaders Masterclass by Malayang Pilipino Music. Disclaimer: Some are from the notes they provided while some are scribbled notes which they did not necessarily vocally mentioned but insights popping in my mind. Enjoy!

  1. The kingdom of God is about peace that comes from forgiveness. It is so important to have our heart fixed on the truth that we have been forgiven. Or else, worship leaders will forever be confused in our leadership. This peace gives us the assurance and confidence to lead and serve even when things are not going well in our world and even relationships.
  2. Worship leaders (and team) should be committed to the mission and vision of the local church. We are the forerunners in rallying the vision and mission of our church. Serving in the worship team isn’t just a gig. We need to be supportive and take part in the programs, events, and the fellowship of the church. Well, isn’t it easier and more fun to lead a community that you love? So, love the church as we lead the church.
  3. 60-day rule to improve daily. Accordingly, musicians start to improve in their craft by committing to practice at least 1 hour a day for 60 days because this produces “muscle memory”. Like any other passion, music also requires our discipline and devotion if we truly want to give the best offering before God. (I am so excited to try this out with the rest of our worship team.)
  4. Don’t neglect band chemistry. Most of us can be guilty of neglecting the importance of band chemistry. We always reason out that “since this is a ministry, we go by the heart”. Well, that is true but that is not the only definite truth. To play good music and to be able to lead the church better, the band has to have a good relationship and a good “music” relationship. There will always be someone in the Team who plays exceptionally well, and it is opportune for others to also rise up to that level so no one gets left behind. With this, the sound and the team get better together.
  5. Our primary goal is to become better followers of Christ, not better musicians. Given what I previously mentioned, we need to invest time, energy, and resources to grow our talents and gifts. But the main goal behind it is so by it we can be better followers of Christ. It was a good reminder to note that the great commission given to all of us is to make disciples of Christ. As worship leaders, we have been entrusted a platform to be better followers of Jesus.

I wish I could write everything that I learned in this one whole article but I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. If you are a worship ministry head, I’d love to share tips on leading your tip from the same Worship Leaders Masterclass in this article.

Malayang Pilipino Music still offers multiple masterclasses for worship ministry this year. Don’t miss it, especially if you’re from Luzon! It will be worth it. Personally, I felt I had “kakampi” when they were teaching because the pastors were authentic and real as they share their highs and lows in the worship ministry. Sobrang bonus na yung humor and wit ni Pastor Arnel.

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