The clock is ticking and the noise outside becomes even more undeniable. It’s almost midnight, it’s almost the new year, everyone is so hyped and pumped to welcome 2018; but I wanted solitude, I hungered for silence more than ever. Is this what adulting means?

I searched for words to craft what I felt and thought, but found none. It’s New Year! (Yay?!) But I felt still overwhelmed with all of last year’s to-dos, expectations, unrealized dreams, and unmet goals.

I used to be excited about new years, or birthdays, or anniversaries – you know, those times when you could find a very good inspiration (or excuse) to “start again”. But on December 31, 2017 11:42 pm, I had a foreign feeling – and it was discomforting.

I realized that the idea of “starting something new” was not what my soul wanted, because honestly, sometimes what you need is not the chance to start anew, but the strength to continue.

Have you ever felt this way? Sometimes it is easier to start something than to continue an imperfect, almost-hopeless battle. We’re usually energetic and full of motivation in the beginning.

But as we walk the journey, we get caught up with all the stress and unexpected turn-out of events – it becomes harder to continue what we started. We run empty of fuel and resources. We lose the vision that ignited us when we began. And we wish to end the battle and start something else. Maybe this time, it would be a better story.

But what if God wants us to finish this season before He can lead us to our next destination? What if the key to starting something new is to finish what He called us to do in the present? What if the “better story” we long for is the one that we’re in now, if we just allow God to finish writing it?


Maybe what you and I need is not new plans nor new strategies but the new strength and hope coming from the presence of the Lord.

We can be always full of bright ideas but what will keep us going is the inspiration birthed out of the hope and strength His presence brings. I just hope this blog finds its way to someone who feels the same way that I do. (If ever you feel this post is talking to your heart of hearts, please be so kind to drop a comment below! You can use your Facebook account to drop one.)

Maybe for you and me, this year 2018 isn’t really about beginning another chapter but continuing a story so God can finish writing it for His glory.

Don’t jump to another edition without allowing your present season to come into fruition, let God finish it.

So when it is published, those around your life won’t be reading an unfinished novel. Let them read the complete edition of your life, one whose chapters were beautifully written by God.

Jesus said in John 17:4,

 I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.

Come, let us continue this new year together and complete what God called us to do.

5 Responses

  1. “Sometimes what you need is not the chance to start anew, but the strength to continue.”

    Strength to continue. That’s what I really need. I’m blessed with this blog.
    Continue insipiring!

  2. Amen ner! Soo love the “Maybe what you and I need is not new plans nor new strategies but the new strength and hope coming from the presence of the Lord.”

    Renewed strength! REST! How well you rest is how well you work out the year. ☺ thats why d aq nagsisisi fr leaving 3days. Hho.

    Love ths post ?

  3. I can relate. Felt the same way too. I thank the Lord for in Him we can have new beginning; but He also offers strength to continue the journey He has prepared for us. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this Ms. Angel A. Chua. <3

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