In the article Tip: Worship leaders exhort too we explained that worship leaders need to learn the art of exhortation. But how do we really craft just the right exhortation that will spark the praise of the people?

I’d like to share with you the “POWER” tip that our worship team uses in preparing our exhortations. As you prepare your words, do not forget to add P-O-W-E-R to it

1. Prayerful Praises

The exhortation is more than just arrangement of words; it has to be prayerfully inspired. And we will not just be saying any kind of insights on the microphone, but our insights are themed on praising and honoring God. Our words should lift God and magnify Him.


“Come, let us worship the Lord. Our God is good and His love never runs out. His love never goes dry. He is faithful and He will never leave us”

It is important to carry our “toolbox of prayerful praises” when we lead worship. As we speak this, it will encourage the congregation to follow and speak up their own words of praise. But if we are quiet, they will just wait on our next move.

2. One-line or the “Bomb”

Drop a bomb. The secret to stirring people up to worship is by dropping a bomb that will explode worship and praises among God’s people. This bomb should be so atomic that it shatters away worries, lies, and deception that lurk in the people’s hearts, hindering them from experiencing full and free worship.

This one-line has to be something that the congregation will easily understand, remember and react. There has to be a one-line phrase that will sum up your major point, the big idea of your exhortation. This is like your main idea where the rest of your lines will be anchored or where it will revolve.


“The Lord treats us with grace, not as our sins deserve.” (The Bomb)

See Item 4 “Extract” for the full sample. This one-liner usually comes with the “extract” part of your exhortation. Most of the time, if you already thought of a one-line, you will most likely be able to craft your brief exhortation.

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