We have to always cherish this truth that Jesus blotted out the world’s biggest shame, the biggest obstacle towards his presence which is sin. God removed it as far as the east is from the west. He paid a huge price to remove this barrier.  God removed it by letting Jesus, His only precious Son, die.

The truth is there’s no more barrier between us and God. So nothing should be able to hinder our worship.

As worshipers, we need to worship God in a level that enthrones Him.

We need to worship him in a manner that truly and proudly celebrates what He did for us.

We need to worship the King in a way that gives justice to what he has accomplished for us on the Cross.

If we truly trust what Jesus did for us on the cross, we will worship him in a proud, loud, and shameless way.

To the worship leaders reading this, it is very important that we carry a heart that is confident of the finished work of Jesus. It is His Grace that will always spark praiseWe are leaders of worship. We are the front-liners. We need to encourage the Church towards shameless worship by modeling to them how it looks like.

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