Heads up, Strong, God-dependent Women!

Today is a powerful age because no better time in history has the world witnessed an army of beautiful yet strong, empowered women than today.

Years ago, women are only good for house chores and giving birth. Darker age in history also tells us about women being abused and enslaved. I reckon that we are blessed to be breathing and walking on earth in such a time where women are celebrated.

We know of women making a name and changing the way the world rotates in the area ranging from Music to Cooking to Science to Politics to Missions and beyond. This is the best moment in history where women are no longer defined by the world – we have become strong and independent; women can now stand bold and brave on our own, able to make name for ourselves.

However, becoming too much independent also has a downside – it might take us too far away from the source of our strength as we trust and rely on our own instead. God’s word reminds us that “apart from the Lord, we are nothing.” (John 15:5)

So my dear strong woman, be not independent – instead be God-dependent. 

But how do we become like one? Let’s study the life of 3 bible heroines armed with strength, beauty and, godliness.

3 qualities of a strong, God-dependent woman:


    1. She battles with purpose

    2. Just as what her uncle said, Queen Esther was born in such a time as hers – she was where she was for a great purpose. She became the next Queen- at a perfect time.
    3. One day a law was passed that will endanger all Israelites. And the only one who might change the history is Queen Esther. Back then, if a Queen will approach a King without being summoned, the Queen might be put to death for disrespect.
    4. With bravery and a strong grip on her purpose, Queen Esther approached the King and requested for Israelites’ safety.  Only a woman convinced of her purpose will risk her life to do what she was called to do. Only a strong, God-dependent woman can do that. [bctt tweet=”Only a woman convinced of her purpose will risk her life to do what she was called to do. ” username=”angelittleco”] (continue to page 2)

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12 Responses

  1. Purpose, Patience, Prayer — I’ve been wrestling with all of these throughout my new blogging venture! I’m feeling very dependent right now as I wait and trust that God will help it grow in His timing. Thanks for these great biblical examples to encourage me in the right direction.

  2. Angel, I wasn’t able to get to page two, but I really liked what I saw on page one. Having a purpose is so important for our lives to have meaning and knowing what that purpose is helps us to be more effective as women, communicators and ministers of God’s love. Thanks for sharing your insight. – Amy

  3. Making sure that our strength is rooted in God and having Him be our purpose for all things is so important. Unfortunately this is not a common component in our modern society.

  4. Thank you for your gentle encouragement. In an age where women are so empowered, I often feel powerless to fulfill all the requirements of society. And of course, that feeling of a lack of power occurs when I forget to draw my strength from God. I particularly appreciate the part about patience, something I can severely lack 🙂

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