1. 2. She battles with patience

  2. Ruth tells us of a story of a woman who trusts the way God arranges things; and that He arranges it in the most beautiful way. Her husband died, she was left with her bitter mother-in-law. She could have left and get the best life the world can offer. But she didn’t, she chose to stay with Naomi. Ruth was aware of the uncertainty of her choice yet she still chose Naomi and her God – the God of Israel.
  3. Years later Ruth met Boaz – the richest and renown kin she had back then and we know it’s become a famed love story in the world literature. Only a woman with great strength is able to patiently trust the ways of God even in the impossible situation we get ourselves into. Such a strong, God-dependent woman.
  4. 3. She battles with prayer

  5. In 1 Samuel 1, Hannah was in deep anguish but the way she rose above her pain and depression is through battling it with prayers. She did not complain nor rally. She only laid down her plea before God in desperate prayer. It takes great strength and bravery to let go and trust God to change your situation. Only a strong, God-dependent woman will turn problems into prayers. [bctt tweet=”Only a strong, God-dependent woman will turn problems into prayers.” username=”angelittleco”]


Be like Hannah, Queen Esther, Ruth and other strong, God-dependent women in the Bible. You can change the world with your Bible, pink lipstick, and stilettos.

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  1. Purpose, Patience, Prayer — I’ve been wrestling with all of these throughout my new blogging venture! I’m feeling very dependent right now as I wait and trust that God will help it grow in His timing. Thanks for these great biblical examples to encourage me in the right direction.

  2. Angel, I wasn’t able to get to page two, but I really liked what I saw on page one. Having a purpose is so important for our lives to have meaning and knowing what that purpose is helps us to be more effective as women, communicators and ministers of God’s love. Thanks for sharing your insight. – Amy

  3. Making sure that our strength is rooted in God and having Him be our purpose for all things is so important. Unfortunately this is not a common component in our modern society.

  4. Thank you for your gentle encouragement. In an age where women are so empowered, I often feel powerless to fulfill all the requirements of society. And of course, that feeling of a lack of power occurs when I forget to draw my strength from God. I particularly appreciate the part about patience, something I can severely lack 🙂

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