Sunday Worship Take-away 11/19

November 19 – Sunday Worship, KCC Mall de Zamboanga. (My Take-away) The word shared by our preacher, Engr. Clydeon Cantina, revolved around the topic “Maximize”. Let me give a gist of his preaching. With the introductory verse from Ephesians 5:16 saying, “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days,” the preacher reminded us that our […]

How to put ‘power’ into your exhortation

In the article Tip: Worship leaders exhort too we explained that worship leaders need to learn the art of exhortation. But how do we really craft just the right exhortation that will spark the praise of the people? I’d like to share with you the “POWER” tip that our worship team uses in preparing our exhortations. As […]

Shameless Worship 1

Have you ever felt hesitant to worship God? As a worship leader, I have witnessed many moments in worship when the people feel hesitant to raise their hands, shout personal praises, and just be free and wild in the presence of God. And sometimes we are one of them. Many are the reasons that inhibit […]

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