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The Resurrection of Jesus Poetry: Stop Looking for the Dead Jesus

Resurrection is the greatest day in History. It’s even better than Christmas. For this is the day where Jesus ultimately fulfilled and finished His purpose for coming to the earth. Without Resurrection, Christianity has no power and our faith is futile.

But while many of us do not doubt the Resurrection, we live our lives as if Jesus did die – yet we forget that He did rise. We don’t go through our battles and struggles with a mindset of victory and power that caused Jesus to rise up from the grave. Inspired with the conversation on the tomb, this poem asks: Jesus is alive, but why are we grieving as if He didn’t say what He said He would? Here’s the poetry we all need to read and take to heart:


Today is a day of triumph and trumpets;

we rejoice for the King has finally championed over death.

But many of us live every day as if this is just a lie.

Yes, we face our daily battles as if Jesus only died but no, he did not rise.

We wake up to another morning feeling defeated;

our hearts condemned as if Jesus did not pay all our debts.

We sleep with desperate tears falling on our face;

crying over sin-tainted robes as if He had not won the race.

So, beloved, listen: Stop looking for the dead Jesus.

Stop living as if He had not saved us!

His crown of thorns and wounded skin – weren’t they enough to pay for our sins?

He walked with a heavy cross on scorching soils

– why do you still try to earn His love by heavy toil?

Lift up your eyes, the work is done!

“It is finished,” wailed the Son!

Death could never quench the power of love;

Sin could never exhaust this grace from above.

What’s the point of visiting a tomb that’s empty?

Jesus can never be held by any amount of sinful gravity.

Run away, stop taking the blame;

Jesus has risen, He took away our shame!

Today is a day of triumph and trumpets;

we rejoice for the King has finally championed over death.

Let us live every day believing this is not a lie.

Yes, we face our daily battles believing Jesus died and yes, He did rise!

Poetry about the Resurrection of Jesus

Author: angelittle

Angelittle is the creator of Deeply Rooted Devotional Notebook and other resources that help disciples love the Bible. She is a preacher, worship team leader, and disciple-maker at Sea Gentiles for Christ Ministries Zamboanga. She is currently a scholar at Grace School of Theology.

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