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Worship Team Leader Tips from Malayang Pilipino Music

Oh, the struggle of being a worship team leader.

As a worship team leader, I have the task to carry the worship team and empower every member in our service, assign servants every week for multiple services, arrange rehearsals, set meetings, receive feedback from the congregation, get unsolicited stares from old folks when you choose a party-like song (haha), do troubleshoots when people suddenly are not able to serve, arrange conflicts, forgive mishaps, and a lot of other things. Oh, did I mention receiving instructions and corrections from your Pastor?

I am not complaining, in fact, I super love what I get to do. But yes, worship team leaders need help too! So when I attended the Worship Leaders Masterclass by Malayang Pilipino Music, I felt the words were like taps on my back from Pastors Arnel and Jeck Cadelina as they shared tips for the worship team leader. I’m sharing some below:

3 Tips for the Worship Team Leader

  1. It’s okay to not be everybody’s favorite. I felt freedom when I heard these words. As a worship team leader, you have a goal and vision for your team and for every member. There are times that your desire to please God will not please people, your team members included. Minsan mahirap talaga. A lot of times when I have to call the attention of people or correct something, I go home and come before God crying because I feel bad for stretching and hurting some people. So these words reminded me that I was placed to lead my team towards becoming better followers of Christ, and that may include some adjustment, pains, and growth on their part. So it is okay to not be everyone’s favorite, dear leader! Pastor Jeck said “They might hate you now, but they will love you later.”
  2. Lead your team to become better followers of Christ, not just musicians. This is not to neglect the importance of practice, training, and growing your talents. As the worship team leader, we need to make sure our team keeps on leveling up in our gifting and craft. But sometimes in all our busyness, we forget that we’re all in this platform so we could love and adore God better. So be reminded now that we do all this and more because of LOVE. I talked about this and more in the article “Top 5 Lessons from Worship Leaders Masterclass.” Go and check it out!
  3. If you have a relationship with your team members, discipline feels less harsh. Right? It is so important to establish with your team that you are there not just an administrator or the one that your pastor tasks to relay instruction. Build a friendship with your team. By now, I hope my team knows that they are my favorite and most-admired people in the Church! I have always been proud of all their hard work. But more than that, I love them as followers of Jesus and now just as someone who has something to bring on the table. 🙂 (Team, if you’re reading this, know that I could never ask for a better team. Love!)

There are still so many that I learned from the masterclass. Malayang Pilipino has multiple classes to run this year so I suggest that you enroll as well. Go to their fan page for details.

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