Why we should give up our idea of “perfect” and pursue godliness instead.

Growing up with Cinderella and Snow White, I have always dreamt of a fairy-tale-like love story. I wanted to have an oh-so-handsome and brave knight-in-shining-armor who will always save me and would never dare to hurt me. A perfect love story.

However, at age 13 I liked someone which lasted for 8 years (one-sided, yes) and ended up getting bruises and scars. I started to witness break-ups and marriages getting shattered around me. Love is becoming different from what I saw on TV. Cinderella and Snow White told me that love stories should be pleasing, perfect and fun.

Should I give up on love? Or is it my idea of “perfect” that I should give up?

Love is beautiful and powerful and it will be the last one standing. Faith and hope will fade, but love will last forever. So don’t give up on love.

So maybe what we should be giving up is our ideas of a love story that is “perfect” and instead start to pursue something biblical, real, and godly. Maybe what we should have been rooting for is not a happily-ever-after but a godly-ever-after love story.

That though there would be struggles, fights, and dissonance – we will not give it up that easily because what we want is not perfection but godliness.

So how do we picture a godly-ever-after?

1.   It is a God-written story.

It has a nice plot – a story at the right time with the right person at the right way. It did not just happen suddenly but it has been coupled with prayers and good counsel.

2.   It gives God glory

Your relationship is not about feeding each other’s needs or longings but instead, it is for a righteous cause. It guides the youth. It reflects God’s righteousness. It glorifies Him.

3.   It honors God’s purity

Loving and doing relationship [outside marriage] the Christian way is unlike what is common – kissing, sleeping together, sex. This is not a flaunt of hypocrisy but rather a declaration of dependence on the grace of God. To fight for purity and protect the blessing of marriage – pure sex.


P.S. I told you about my one-sided high school love; that person is now my boyfriend!

Our #relationshipgoal is to give God the glory thru our love story 🙂

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