Who is my accountable friend?

All of us have friends; but who has an accountable friend? Do we really need one? There is a story of friendship in the Bible that tells us what accountability means and why it is an important element of our friendship. The story of David and Nathan, during David’s lowest point; the time that he sinned against God for getting Bathsheba.

A quick background on the story found in 2 Samuel 11-12.

David was supposedly in a wat this time but he chose to stay in his palace. One evening he was on the veranda and saw a beautiful woman taking a bath; she’s Bathsheba. He asked his men to take Bathsheba home and something happened between them and Bathsheba got pregnant. Now Bathsheba is the wife of David’s mighty warrior Uriah. David tried to cover up his sin by inviting Uriah home from the battle but because Uriah is a loyal man, he did not go home. David had no choice but to orchestrate the death of Uriah. After his funeral, David invited Bathsheba to his palace to live there. No one found out about his sin, but the Lord was displeased by what he did.

That’s the time God sent Nathan.

Nathan: David’s Accountable Friend

Theologians believe that Prophet Nathan was more than just a Prophet to David; he was a friend. He knew about David’s dream of building a Temple for the LORD, he was loyal to him when David’s son revolted against him, and he was there to confront David when things went wrong.

King David was the best of his kind; David is known for being a man after God’s own heart and for fulfilling God’s purpose in his generation. He was skillful and skilled, a great warrior. The King shepherds his people with a heart. Also, he was passionate about God and lives to please God. But despite this, he still faced temptations – and this time he failed. He sinned over and over.

This tells us that no one is exempted from temptation. You and I will be confronted with temptations and failures. The question is; do you and I have a Nathan in our life that will help us in our lowest, most down moment?

In this story, we will find out why accountability is so important.

3 things an accountable friend brings

David’s sin progressed; from just watching a woman bathe to having sex with someone he’s not married to; from trying to cover up a sin to committing murder in the end.

Here’s my argument: David’s sin progressed because no one was with him. No one was there to warn him or admonish him. He had no one to run to or talk to about his struggle.

Hence, the same is also true. Having a friend, an accountable friend, beside us who knows our struggles and dirty little secrets will help us overcome.

Proverbs 25:5 Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

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Nathan confronted David of his sin by telling him a story about a rich man who, despite having thousands of cattle, robbed the poor man of his one and only beloved lamb and served it to his visitors. David was enraged and said the rich man deserves to die. Nathan then told David he was the rich man when he took Uriah’s wife and then had Uriah killed right after.

The truthfulness of Nathan brought David illumination. It was only during that time that David confessed saying, “I have sinned against the Lord. (v.13)” He used to be a man who was so sensitive about pleasing God and confessing right away for little mistakes he does. But this time, David had no sense of conviction, he never repented. Until Nathan confronted him.

There are times we get so numb for keeping a sin in our heart. A friend can help to get us enlightened and find grace when we fail. [bctt tweet=”A friend can help to get us enlightened and find grace when we fail. ” username=”angelittleco”]

A food when left in a dark secluded place eventually grows molds. By the time we notice it, it already became stinky with worms devouring it. Our sin, if kept in a dark room, will not help us. It will grow molds, worms will live out of it, and eventually, it manifests shockingly.

That is why it is so important to have a friend who can be accountable to us; someone who will check on the rooms of our hearts and make sure our struggles are brought to light. For only when a struggle is humbly brought to God’s presence shall we find grace.

Proverbs 28:13 Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

Nathan was a faithful companion to David. He did not leave after he delivered God’s instruction to David (v.1), he remained there to comfort him (v.13), and he was with David until he experienced breakthrough again (v.24).

We’re always people going thru a process. We’re not in our perfect state; hence, we sin, we struggle, we fail. That is why we badly need a friend on our side who will remain with us and go with us in the process.

So my question is: who’s your accountable friend?

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