ALTARED: Book Review.

You are about to read my first post on the “Good Books” section of this Blog; today, we will pick up a book about love entitled “ALTARED” by Claire and Eli. The book is creatively presented: the author’s love story and the lessons they learned were interwoven per chapter. So you are like reading a story then will be fed with hard-earned lessons at every chapter.

Because the book’s topic is ‘love’, I was so hyped to read it and get fuzzy feelings. However, it turned out that this book is not one that has entertained me; when I read it, I get hurt each time I turn the pages. You know those kinds of books that make you say “Amen” because you know it is true but you don’t live that way yet? “Amen” because you want the words of those books to be embedded in your life? Well, that’s this book! So before you buy this book, please remember that I warned you!

“Altared” slapped me over and over you know. It made me realize how deep my selfishness is and the fickle way I express my love! I bought this book last year when I was in the quest of looking for resources that will help me decide whether to continue or end my courtship stage with then my suitor (now my boyfriend, thanks to this book! We just turned 1 year btw.). And now as I re-read it, I still feel stabbed each time I flip the pages! It’s so “real talk”.

ALTARED: Highlights.

I am sharing my Top 10 favorite, super noteworthy lines (from first 5 chapters only). Are you ready?

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