Nature has the power to connect us better to God, don’t you think? God’s creations speak to our souls in a soothing way. I love how the wind can feel like God’s embrace when you feel all alone, or how flowers can teach us things can bloom someday if we just wait a little longer, or how a single seed-like dream can birth into a tropical forest. Even the ocean tell us how there’s more to discover in the depths of God’s love, and the stars that tell us there’s still light shining in our darkest of nights.

See how nature speaks of God’s love so creatively? That’s why I love it. So when our group decided to go up the mountain of Bonggao, though I do not like getting tired, I thought it would be a great time to find out what it feels to hike up and see God’s painting from up above.

Bud Bonggao Climb Experience

So we embarked on a somewhat 2-hour journey to the Summit.

For first-time hikers, Bud Bonggao will be your favorite climb. It has stairs leading to the top, so you would not have to worry about which way to go or how to get there. There will also be multiple stations along the way so you can take 30-second rest to breathe and eat your snacks. The fun part is when you reach the area where tribes of monkeys meet you to collect your offering of bananas. So make sure you carry a bunch when you go up to pay respects to your landlords haha (because they will follow you until you give them one!). When you are almost up, you will reach a viewing deck overlooking mountain silhouettes and early morning sky; pause and enjoy the scenery.

I was so glad I joined our team and it taught me memorable life lessons I still carry to this day. Let me share some!

Life Lessons from Climbing my first mountain (Bud Bonggao)

Since it was my first climb, and I know Jesus loves to go up the Mountain to seek God, I made sure I was so attuned to every single revelation I’d hear God would have to speak to my heart. Here below are some of treasures I found along the way:

  1. You are allowed to rest and recharge.
  2. Stories of others who have climbed the mountain before you bring courage.
  3. You don’t have to climb all by yourself.
  4. There are wonders that only those who reached the top enjoy.
  5. There are lessons along the way that you would not learn if you stayed at the bottom.

Bonus: Bud Bonggao Climbing Tips

  1. Hire a local guide or be with someone who has climbed before.
  2. Start your journey before sunrise.
  3. Bring a bottle of water with you. (But there’s a local shop in the middle, buy from there and support them too.)
  4. Wear comfy clothing and a pair of rubber shoes. (Thanks to World Balance shoes for helping me reach the Summit!)
  5. Never ever forget to bring bananas for the monkeys! (and for the dogs, if they go with you. Two dogs joined us and we felt so protected hehe)
  6. Carry your trash with you back to your hotel. Protect the Mountain as it is the folks’ prayer place.

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