Christian weddings are not easy to pull during the COVID19 pandemic. We decided to get married late last year 2020. With 2 months to set all things in proper places, we had a very memorable Christian wedding ceremony.

I love organizing events for work and church. It was my dream to organize my own wedding too. I’m sharing some Christian Wedding ideas to help you, if you happen to look for help! By the way, here’s how our engagement happened during community quarantine. 🙂

Christian Wedding Ideas with Safety Precautions against COVID19

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Christian weddings intertwined with Filipino tradition involve ceremonies and symbolic festivities that, if we’re not careful, might compromise everyone’s safety. Safety was at the top of my mind each time we plan, discuss, and even execute our dreamy Christian Wedding. Below are the favorite things we did for my Wedding.

Wedding Reminders on Safety Protocol

Invitation card by Arlyn Amores Paperika Zamboanga City

My husband’s sister Mayjorin served as our Guest Coordinator. She had scheduled messages to send our invites to remind them to RSVP, wear the motif, keep the mask on, and stay healthy and away from public gatherings. Both our parents are old and vulnerable, so we wanted to make sure the wedding would be safe for them too. Sending SMS might be a little task, but it takes a great role in making sure our wedding celebration will not bring us COVID stresses!

Wedding Entourage with Social Distance

For Filipino Christian Weddings, we pick primary sponsors who serve as our marriage’s godparents or mentors and secondary sponsors who would light the way (candle), bind (cord), and cover (veil) our marriage. We picked sponsors who we know would be willing to be part of our lifelong journey. We picked our closest, loyal, and genuine friends to join the crew as bride’s maids and groom’s men.

To ensure social distancing, I preferred having the entourage do a solo walk except for our sponsors and parents who are married.

Worship at the Wedding Church Ceremony

I lead our worship team and one thing I would never not do at my wedding is worship! It was the first thing we did immediately after the entourage has settled.

Before the tradition, exchanges of vows, even before the Word is shared, we started with a worship song led by Worship Catalyst (our worship band). My Maid of Honor and spiritual son led us with my song of choice: Unending Love by Hillsong Worship. For me it was the most fitting worship song for a wedding as the song declares:

There’s no silver or gold and treasure untold that could draw me away from Your heart, Neither love of myself or of anyone else will do

Unending Love Lyrics by Hillsong Worship

Washing of Feet in Christian Wedding is a must-have

Instead of tossing a garter, we washed each other’s feet following what Jesus did. It was one of my most favorite things from our wedding. After we exchanged rings, we removed our shoes and took turns in washing each others’ feet.

Jesus, secured of who He was, served on His final hours. We know marriage would be a lifetime of caring and serving each other. What better way to seal our marriage with the washing of feet at a Christian wedding ceremony!

Wedding Vow in a Song

I wanted to make my wedding vow something that my husband and our guests would remember. After saying a few words about how I fell in love with Marlon, I sang a song called Angel by your side by Franceska Battistelli. The song encapsulates my vow to him, especially the chorus:

I’ll be the angel by your side
I will get you through the night
I’ll be the strength you can’t provide on your own
‘Cause when your down and out of time
And you think you’ve lost the fight
Let me be the angel, the angel by your side

Angel by Your Side by Franceska Battistelli
Listen to a portion of my vow and wedding song here.

Christian Wedding in a Pandemic made easy with the Dream Team

Make your Christian wedding less stress-free by picking your wedding’s dream team! If you’re from Zamboanga City, here are my recommendations:

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