Have you always been distracted in your prayer time? Or have you wanted to study God’s Word yet you do not know exactly how?

My new digital resources are now up on Etsy! The Devotional Journal is a 2-page devotional experience outlined with 4 parts for you to have an organized study of God’s Word. The Prayer Digital notebook on the other hand is a 3-page, 7-part journaling experience. Both can be used digitally or printed at your own home.

Devotion Journal Digital Sheets (Simplified)

Have you heard of my Deeply Rooted Journal? We published it last year and it has sold out nationwide here in the Philippines. It’s been recommended by known Christian Influencers in the country, too.

Devotion Journal by Angelittle on Etsy | Digital | Instant Download | Printable

We are producing them again but it would take time for us to finalize everything so we are putting up a simplified version of the Devotion journal, plus it’s a digital one!

The Devotion Digital journal is formatted to help you seek God’s word, study it, jot down a practical application, and pray. This simple devotional experience will change your life forever. This costs only P130.00, compared to our physical product that is at P350.00.

Shop it now on Etsy!

Prayer Journal Digital Sheets by Angelittle on Etsy

The Prayer Journal is a supplement to the Devotion digital sheets, so they can go hand in hand! I am now in my 10th year following Jesus and one very simple yet life-changing thing I did in my younger years in the faith was to write my prayers down!

Prayer Journal Digital Sheets by Angelittle on Etsy AngelittleShop

Struggling with distraction? Writing your prayers down will solve your problem! It helps you focus on your prayer. I have created these sheets to give you some prompts on your prayer. It’s available on my Etsy for digital download (only) at just P130.00 (or less than 3 dollars).

See you on the Shop!

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