I started blogging 3 years ago but that time there’s not a lot of Filipino Christian pages that I know of except of course ‘the’ Joena San Diego. Last year, we’ve seen a boost in the Christian community online. Many Filipino Christian bloggers are rising up to make Jesus viral.

Below are a few of my favorite Filipino Christian bloggers you can follow and learn deep biblical truths:

5 Filipino Christian Bloggers who make Jesus viral whom you should follow

Ang Kristyanong Kabataan

Ang Kristyanong Kabataan,  Featured Filipino Christian Blogger on Angelittle's site by Angelita Chua

AKB envisions using social media as a medium to spread the gospel. This Christian blog has been sharing witty truths, biblical memes, and news updates to an audience of 57,000 Followers as of writing.

I’ve had the chance of having coffee with Mj Espinosa, Page Owner. “In everything we do, let’s be missional,” I carry his words to this day.


Kristyanime,  Featured Filipino Christian Blogger on Angelittle's site by Angelita Chua

I found Kristyanime when one of his viral posts dropped on my News Feed. His style is so cool. He creates ‘animated’ graphics and videos or what us Batang 90s would call “anime”. He shares bible study concepts, devotionals, and other bible-based truths on his page through his creatively designed animes.

Pinoy Devo

Pinoy Devo is a team of Filipino writers from all over the world. They are dedicated to giving Filipinos a free devotional and journaling experience; a supplement to those who desire to grow deeper in God’s word on a daily basis. They share devotional prompts, entries, and challenges that will help you get into the Word of God. (Plug: I am sharing my devotional entry with them this May!)

She Writes for Jesus

The next words were found on her website, which is a fitting description of the woman behind this Christian page:

Mariann Lopera of She Writes for Jesus,  Featured Filipino Christian Blogger on Angelittle's site by Angelita Chua

The woman behind the page is simple really: She lives day by day trying her best to make her King smile. She did it in her small little ways, and then God stepped in. God promised her that He would use every piece of her– both broken and whole, for His glory. Now, she doesn’t desire anything else but to live the way she is living now: TO GLORIFY HER KING


Truly, a lot of us are inspired as she writes for Jesus.

Khan Santos

Khan Santos, Featured Filipino Christian Blogger on Angelittle's site by Angelita Chua

One afternoon I received a chat from a guy named Khan Santos telling me about the reverse poetry I wrote at Boiling Water’s site. I seriously do not know this guy. And being the introverted type that I am, I wondered a lot who this person might be.

Weeks later I saw his viral dubbed videos which won’t leave you not laughing; I have become a fan since. He’s also very generous about giving digital marketing insights, which makes this man a favorite of mine. Did I mention he’s a Mindanaoan, too? 🙂

His videos would awaken your bored, serious soul, but at the same time, they will enlighten you on profound bible-based values.

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  1. Thank you for your obedience unto God. I don’t see many female Christian authors.
    You have blessed me:)

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