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Are you struggling with getting up early in the morning? Maybe you are barely making it through the day without stress or tears? If so, it’s time to make positive changes in your life. There’s one positive move you can make and it only takes one commitment a day — getting deep in the Word. 

Do you have a consistent routine of reading your Bible? If not, it’s time to get Deeply Rooted in the Word of God. Developing a lifelong routine of reading the Holy Scriptures daily must be as important as a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning. Otherwise, we can’t expect game-changing results in the real world and in our relationships if we don’t set goals for spiritual growth.

We can’t expect game-changing results in the real world and in our relationships if we don’t set goals for spiritual growth.

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Why Get Deeply Rooted in the Bible

Why is reading God’s Word daily so important for a peaceful and stress-free day? Why get deeply rooted into the Bible? There are so many benefits but I’ll just name a few key points. It’s all you’ll need to get busy reading the Living Word — today.

  1. Gain Happiness – The Scriptures teaches us how to have joy, peace, and contentment every day. If we don’t read the Bible on a daily basis, our faith becomes weak. We start getting up everyday doubting that God will see us through any struggles or challenges that come our way. We become overwhelmed with negative emotions like fear, worry, and anxiety.
  2. Share the Good News – Studying the Bible will equip you with appropriate Bible Verses on how to share your testimony with friends, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers. In the book of Matthew, Jesus Christ charged us with the “Great Commission”, or to be a disciple with all nations. In other words, Christians are appointed to spread the gospel to all of our connections, online and offline.
  3. Make Disciplined Decisions – When you learn and understand the Truth, it helps us make better choices, biblical decisions, and greater guidance we need in order to have a successful spiritual life.
  4. Draw Closer to God – Our ultimate goal as Christ followers is gain a personal relationship with God. In order to this, we must understand Him and what he expects from us.

How to Get Deeply Rooted into the Bible

We’ve established the WHY we must meditate on the scriptures, so let’s now discuss ways on how to get deeply rooted into the Bible. Essentially, we must develop a consistent, daily habit that becomes auto-pilot whether it’s in the morning or during a quiet part of the day. Here are some tips on how to begin a game-changing routine:

  1. Determine a “happy” trigger that will remind you each day to read your bible (i.e. brushing your teeth, cup of coffee, tea, etc).
  2. Establish a quiet, permanent place that has no or little traffic or distractions for studying the scriptures.
  3. Keep the same time blocked each day to encourage frequency in your schedule
  4. Leave a Bible and journal next to your quiet place to avoid wasting time looking for it.

Creative Ways to Study the Bible

Most of us have busy lives and need extra spiritual tools to get us deeply rooted in the Word. Here are some great tips on how you can sprinkle scripture into your day by taking advantage of the latest tech tools:

  1. Listen to Christian Podcasts – Have a long drive to a game or work? Listen to Christian Podcasts using your smartphone.
  2. Download Bible Apps – There are many choices for listening to the Bible in your preferred version on your smartphone including “Bible”, “Bible Gateway”, and many others. Try searching for “Bible Apps” in your App Store or in Google Play. 
  3. Buy Christian Devotionals, Journals, and Spiritual Planners – Search for spiritual tools online or in your favorite Christian Bookstore for encouragement and inspiration each day.
  4. Join Christian Facebook Groups – Join Christian or Faith-based Facebook groups that have Bible reading plans or recommendations to keep you focused and on track. 

Our goal in life as Christians is to grow spiritually in the Lord and the first step is to get deep in the Word. Once this incredible habit is formed, you will notice positive changes in all of your relationships and connections.

The Holy Bible is the not only #1 best seller in the world, it’s also the most comprehensive book for life, or to put it simply, it’s the ultimate “How to be Happy in Life” Handbook!

Start a new routine today by getting deep into the Word. It’s time to start drinking from the fountain of the Living Water that never dries up. Get Deeply Rooted in His Word today!

Natalie is a wife and homeschool mother to 2 teenagers living in the sunny state of NC. As a minimalist, she enjoys finding ways to make life more simple, yet significant, while serving the Savior through her Christian blogging ministry at Natalie also loves serving others with her tips, tricks, teaching, and techy skills. You may just catch her hiking the NC trails with her Puggle, Lily.

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  1. May the Lord help you keep up the good work that you are doing.I read one of your articles entitled Rote Christianity .It was soul_inspiring, challenged me a lot and I enjoyed reading it a lot which has brought a change in my meditation of the word of God.May God bless you ..Amen..

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