I thought it was just a simple dinner until closest friends started showing up.

How We Met: Our Story Began in 2006

If you’ve been following me for long, you’d know that I am currently in a relationship with my high school crush who used to not notice me until only 5 years ago. I was in the Arts program while Marlon belongs to Science geeks. But for a physical dance requirement in school, we had to unite and there he caught my eye. A chinito, curly haired, light-skinned cutie. We exchanged texts and Friendster shoutouts (haha!) but we never had a label and after years of crushing on him, I found out he had already courted someone else. Aww. He was my first deep cut.

Flash forward to college, we still went to the same University and met again in Church. I still had a huge crush on him but it’s something I had to keep and quietly pray, because the time had not yet come. Years of crying silently for being unnoticed, surprisingly, he asked if I could be his girlfriend. I’ve learned so much pricey lessons in godly dating which you can read here.

We’ve been together for 3 years now and I’ve always prayed and anticipated that we get to the next level (hehe). September 29 2020, he finally asked! Here’s how it happened.

How He Asked: Wedding Proposal, a family and church project

I thought it was just a farewell dinner.

I got invited for dinner as Marlon’s brother, our co-investor in the publishing business, was about to leave for his cruise job. Marlon arrived to fetch me at the Cafe where I had to meet a friend Marlon brought me the clothes he picked up from my closet for me to wear (I came from my parents’ house that day and had no “dinner outfit” with me). Arriving at El Camino Restaurant we greeted his family and did some ordering of food, little did I know something was already happening in the background! Hah! (btw pls support the resto, the staff were so kind and the food were great.)

Marlon excused himself to answer a call (but he’s a theatre actor so, yes, it’s part of the script haha he actually changed his OOTD pala!). Then I heard a familiar voice; our worship leader and guitarist walked towards me to serenade. Sir Philip Enriquez of Cornerstone Photography, with a friend from Vista de Lente, then came in and started taking photos. I started feeling nervous.

An intimate wedding proposal with family and friends. Social distancing, Mask, and Love.

My eyes were fixed on the TV where an AVP of our photos was playing for a while (prepared by my good friend Flurrygraphy). Then suddenly our closest friends started occupying the table, they told me then that the entire place was actually booked just for the event. Then my tears fell when I saw my father entering the place, he was just with me some hours ago! You know that traveling is quite challenging these days so having my father witness the moment was so touching, thanks to my Maid of Honor Bestie for the ride! (Marlon said he asked for my hand from my parents while I was not at home and told them to keep it a secret until that night. Hehe)

Here comes the Fiance. And doggo.

Marlon then arrives with a bouquet of pink roses (favorite!). He started saying things I could no longer remember (haha) then told me he still has someone at the backstage, someone who should not miss the moment: our dog Cloud! He was bringing the pouch containing the ring! Ahhh! (thanks to my future sister in law for fetching him on a tricycle! Hah! Who does that!)

He knelt down and said his longest speech so far (that I could not quite recall because I was overwhelmed haha!). But yeah I told you that I was anticipating for this so I have a script in mind anytime Marlon would propose, one that will make him and the audience tremble for a minute. And they did. HAHA.

I said that I made a deep recollection of thoughts and realized that maybe it wasn’t time yet and that I couldn’t … say no to him. And everyone started laughing nervously. It was hilarious to see everyone go pale and silent. HAHAHA. He put a diamond ring on it finally, because he liked it!

We ate dinner, heard messages from friends, talked to my disciples who were watching online, heed to the advice of our fathers, played GTK couple games, and the most awesome part: we got prayed for by the church and our very own Senior Pastor.

A proposal beyond my wildest dream.

I never imagined how I wanted the proposal to go. I was okay with just a simple dinner and a P5,000-worth ring looks expensive to me already, because to me: having to marry my high school crush was THE DREAM haha. But the details of the night, oh how the Lord goes beyond our desires. I could see Marlon’s eyes twinkle with joy looking at the diamond ring he put on my hand.

To my Fiancé, last year we called it quits. It was the most heartbreaking episode of my life by far. So I am grateful that God’s grace patched us up again. Grace is real, indeed. I look forward to spending my days and nights with you. 37 years from now, we’d still be sipping our coffee, talking about how good God has been to you and me. I love you.

Marlon and Angel Wedding Proposal Team

Head Organizer: Leroy Delos Reyes

Transportation for Father and Cloud: Krista Nea and Mayjorin

Program: Pastor Daryl

Audio-visual: Fhlori Luna

Music: Mer, Krista Nea, and Kirk

Online view: Disciples

Decoration and Cake: Skillful Hands

Diamond Ring: Oro Megaworld

Photography: Cornerstone Wedding Photo

Location: El Camino Restaurant

P.S. More photos soon! Hina ng internet ko! HAHAHA

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