What better way to start the year than zoning out at the Beach? And what if it’s a resort with a promise of adventure? That’s Blue Bless Beach Resort for you, located in Mati City, Davao Oriental.

With P40.00 entrance fee, you can already enjoy clear waters, a scenic silhouette of mountains, and a soothing ocean breeze that can energize the soul. What I love about the Resort is that you can see people in all walks of life – those who just want to laugh it out with friends inside a nipa hut cottages, those who videoke their way thru the new year in function halls, and if you don’t feel like swimming at the Beach – the Resort has a hotel-like facility with a cozy pool inside.

But my most favorite part? The inflatable island adventure! For only 299.00, you can enjoy an hour of fun at this water park. You can climb at the top of the pyramid, feel like Tarzan on its floating wrecking ball, jump at the trampoline, or just make the ocean your playground with friends. The crew is also very kind and they always smile. So for those who do not know how to swim or are just starting to learn how to, you can play around without getting so scared because Blue Bless crew is very attentive to anybody who is in need. (They always help me out when I fall into the water.)

Why Travel? And why choose Blue Bless?

You need to make a commitment to take some time off everything especially when you are at the age where you get demands on a lot of things like work, school, family, and church ministry. Taking care of yourself is equal to taking care of others. When you keep your heart healthy, everybody around you will feel the vibe and reverberate same energy. When we “divert daily, withdraw weekly, and abandon annually” we avoid burnouts, said Andy Stanley. And at this point in time, we cannot afford breaking down with stress.

So I suggest that you make it a habit to go out of your usual environment, discover God in places you haven’t been yet, and let God’s creations renew your energy! And if you happen to be in Davao, Blue Bless Resort is a great place both for silent pondering and taking down notes, and enjoying the company of others after taking some time alone. To know more about this Resort, visit their Facebook page. ( Photos from Blue Bless Resort Facebook Page)

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