November 19 – Sunday Worship, KCC Mall de Zamboanga. (My Take-away)

The word shared by our preacher, Engr. Clydeon Cantina, revolved around the topic “Maximize”.

Let me give a gist of his preaching.

With the introductory verse from Ephesians 5:16 saying, “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days,” the preacher reminded us that our lives but just breath to be spent on things that have no meaning and that does not impact eternity. So he shared 4 things that we should maximize:

Maximize Potential

Each of us is gifted with talent and abilities that should be used to advance the kingdom of God.

Maximized Potency

Each of us has been granted the energy and we are not entitled to waste it on activities that would only please our selves, little dreams or selfish gains.

Maximized Position

God has placed us where we are right at this very time for a reason. It may not be a pleasing place where you have been positioned today, but if God allowed or brought you there then he has a purpose to fulfill thru you. I like when he said that (my paraphrase) “where you are might just be a prelude to the grand purpose he has for you, so be faithful.”

Maximized Possession

Just as God bought our lives with the highest price of heaven – Jesus’ blood – all of us and our possessions are no longer ours. Freedom and true joy comes when we are set free from being mastered by our possessions. Instead, we become the boss of our possessions and let it serve our purpose in this life.



The word “maximize” is not new to me. I took up BS in Economics so this term is a concept I enjoyed learning back in my undergraduate studies.

In Economics, to maximize means to get the best and greatest value possible from a limited/least amount of purchasing power. The objective is to get the most utility (or in simple term, “satisfaction”) from that choice.

So our life that is brief and little, least and limited – how is it maximized?

God’s word says that our life gets maximized the most when we give it to God and is minimized when we serve our inner cravings.

Because indeed, we can only become truly satisfied if God is fully glorified.

So maximize your life. Give it to God.

Matthew 16:25
New Living Translation
If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.

You can listen or download this preaching here :

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