Celebrate Women!

Not only because it is women’s month (March) but I believe it is nothing but well-deserving to celebrate women because…

Women have made the world a better place!

celebrate womenWithout women, there’s less emotion, less art, less color, less hug, less flower, less delicious food, less poetry, less music, less beauty, and less of a lot more in the world. Imagine a world without our mothers – well, we would not even be here! Can you imagine a world without ladies who give us unsolicited touches when we’re down? That’s a sad way to face life’s inevitable tragedies. You would not want a life without a girl’s OC tendencies – believe me, you would have a ‘more chaotic’ ordinary days.

This is because women are called to make the world a better place – this is why we were created, to be a man’s ezer or “help”. Theologians say it means women are equipped with strength able to help others. Some people take it to “bully” women and make us look like we’re only born for laundry and giving birth, but only an unintelligent person would think that way. Women are made for more, we are made to stand alongside men and fulfill our own calling by helping them fulfill theirs!


And if that is not enough reason for you to celebrate the women in your life, catch this!

Jesus Celebrates Women!

Jesus loves every woman around him. Remember the woman who wiped the feet of Jesus with her tears? Remember the woman who Jesus defended against her accusers? How about the woman who Jesus had to meet in Samaria and have a little chitchat? Oh, you would not forget the woman with a flow of blood for 12 years that was healed by Jesus! If Jesus did not mind women, he would not have placed in his itinerary a schedule to uplift the women around him.

Proverbs 31:31News around the world tells us of how women get devalued, mistreated, and abused! It is time to change the headlines and start celebrating women instead. Every woman around you possesses a beauty that is timeless, and when you allow her to flourish within your hands – she’ll give you a life that is beyond your imagination. Well, that’s women. 😉

So, it’s time to honor the women around you:

Proverbs 31: 31 Honor her for all that her hands have done,
    and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

Celebrate Women with a Love that #NeverWithers

Because a woman’s beauty is ageless, she deserves something that also lasts! Give her a love that “never withers” with Skillful Hands Arts and Crafts  #NeverWitherFlowers!

They beautifully handcraft flowers made from a premium type of papers. I have received tons of it from my boyfriend, and I love them all! In fact, I am almost there to having a garden of paper flowers lol! Well, women love fresh flowers but as for our “practical side”, we prefer flowers that are handmade – especially if you do it for us.

But if you can’t, I have friends who can do it for you and charge a very minimal price. Skillful Hands team is based in Zamboanga City but their flowers have reached other parts of the Philippines and they can send it to your location in no time!

Below are some of their products which start at P40.00 for 1 piece simple flower with greeting tag to P350.00 for bouquet sets, and more if you want more flowers. More flowers, the better! 🙂

Skillful Hands Product Skillful Hands Product2 Skillful Hands Product3 Skillful Hands Product4 

paper flowers 4 paper flowers 3 paper flowers bouquet Flowers in a box

What are you waiting for? Contact Skillful Hands thru their Facebook Page and get some #NeverWither Flowers for your girlfriend, disciple, friend, mother, and sister!

Did I mention that flowers make us feel beautiful, royal, and loved? Hurry now and Celebrate Women! 😉

P.S. Skillful Hands Arts and Crafts also does Explosion Box, Personalized Tees, and Event Styling! 

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